CELL values


Mindfulness for us means that we remain highly aware, loving, respectful, responsible, responsive and connected in our everyday communications with each other.
Coherence for us means that our personal words are ever more aligned with our personal actions, and that our CELL practices and activities reflect this coherence. This is about walking the talk and leading by example.
Authenticity for us means that we communicate and accept mindfully what is in the present situation and express our emotions in constructive ways. It also means to only work on things that we fully support and feel are aligned with our vision.
Creativity for us means that we work with pleasure and enthusiasm through constellations of possibility in order to solve problems and strive towards creating daring design systems.
Celebration for us means that we make time to appreciate each other’s company, strengthen our friendship, and express gratitude, lightness, joy and connectedness through purely celebratory get togethers that may take varied forms.


Our work is twofold: Like a nurturing mycelial network, we co-ordinate and support local initiatives of the Transition movement in Luxembourg. Like a cell hub of activity, we also provide expertise and education services on permaculture, low-carbon projects and resilient living research.

The challenges presented to us today by climate change and peak oil are perhaps the greatest that humanity has faced. This time brings a great opportunity for rethinking the way we live and making conscious choices about what kind of community and world we would like to live in. Change is coming whether we like it or not and a planned response to the change will leave us in a much stronger position than if we wait until change is upon us.