What is CELL?

CELL, the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, founded in 2010 and launched in 2011, is a non-profit organisation that provides an experimental space for thinking, researching, disseminating and practising post-carbon lifestyles and regenerative culture. The leading metaphor of CELL is of course that of a cell. We aim to take nature and evolution as our primary source of inspiration and use the patterns and forms found in nature to create living, evolving and resilient systems and organisations. In this process, other cells are coming to take part in a complex and interconnected organism.


We want to broadly learn and teach the skills for creating thriving, resilient and relocalised post-carbon communities. We aspire towards living sustainably by example and endorse integral, systemic thinking and action; fostering a culture of solidarity and collaboration; skilling up for living well in a post-carbon economy.
We operate on personal, community and organisational/systemic levels.


CELL raises awareness, practises resilience and designs appropriate systems for changemakers and grassroots groups interested in bioregional resilience, in order to empower, nurture and catalyse connections between living beings and the places they inhabit.